Assignment 2

For this assignment, we were tasked to look through our classmates list of media and compare it with our media usage. I have linked here the similarities between myself and others in my class.

Overall, each of us had the same reason why we are taking this class. We all are interested in how media affects our everyday life. I found many similarities with my classmates ranging from watching to the same Television shows (Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things) and Computer Games (Overwatch).

List of Media I Use:


  • The mediums that I use include cable television, Netflix, and Twitch
  • Specific shows that I watch vary:
  • Football and Basketball (Simon Sy)
  • Social Media:

  • SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (My Pham, Jonathon Phelan, Christopher Wilcoxen)
  • Computer Games:

  • Specific games that I play:
  • Communication:

  • Discord, Skype, iMessage, GroupMe (Neal Patel, Josef Sutorus)
  • Music:

  • I use Pandora and YouTube to listen to music
  • Specific genres I listen to: